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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bekkering, Ulrike  15 Aug 1877Op Zee, At Sea I517511
2 Bosker, Grietje  03 Aug 1861Op Zee, At Sea I395429
3 Brouwer, Johannes Arent  09 Oct 1881Op Zee, At Sea I375596
4 van Buren, Hendrick Cornelissen  30 Jan 1637Op Zee, At Sea I679430
5 Ensing, Feike  25 May 1891Op Zee, At Sea I775474
6 van Epen, Aaltje Elisabeth  Abt 1853Op Zee, At Sea I541421
7 Fekkes, Jantje  Apr 1928Op Zee, At Sea I549975
8 Fijn, Geesina Jans  24 Aug 1850Op Zee, At Sea I255238
9 IJtzema, Klaas Willems  1777Op Zee, At Sea I390500
10 Klatter, Trijntje Hindriks  18 Mar 1804Op Zee, At Sea I213413
11 Koerman, Albertus Geerts  1789Op Zee, At Sea I386767
12 Korter, Wietsina Jans  06 Nov 1870Op Zee, At Sea I229895
13 Kramer, Jacob Neptun  13 Oct 1849Op Zee, At Sea I117716
14 de Meza, Sipora  Abt 1793Op Zee, At Sea I668851
15 Muller, Petrus Johannes  Cal 1867Op Zee, At Sea I432408
16 Noord, Jan Willem  04 Nov 1860Op Zee, At Sea I764850
17 Pot, Grietje Aaldriks  1806Op Zee, At Sea I34546
18 Rotmans, Frederik  27 Feb 1899Op Zee, At Sea I721915
19 van Schendel, Paul Henri Karel  Abt 1863Op Zee, At Sea I187976
20 Schipper, Kornelia Menkes  28 Mar 1806Op Zee, At Sea I390567
21 Soer, Luitsen  1872Op Zee, At Sea I201889
22 Suk, Jans Tammes  Abt 1788Op Zee, At Sea I50185
23 Swanten, Ottomar  1861Op Zee, At Sea I407843
24 Wijgers, Jantina Catharina  22 May 1877Op Zee, At Sea I187125
25 Wijgers, Margaretha  10 Dec 1873Op Zee, At Sea I757970
26 Wiltjer, Boukie  18 Mar 1881Op Zee, At Sea I788068


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Pot, Grietje Aaldriks  May 1806Op Zee, At Sea I34546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Abas, Beatrice  07 May 1915Op Zee, At Sea I89547
2 Abas, Isabel  07 May 1915Op Zee, At Sea I89546
3 Arkema, Bouchien  20 Jul 1889Op Zee, At Sea I723778
4 Astor, John Jacob  14 Apr 1912Op Zee, At Sea I286479
5 Baas, Geessina  26 Aug 1850Op Zee, At Sea I255235
6 Bakker, Albert Derks  09 Sep 1829Op Zee, At Sea I43646
7 Bakker, Harm Jans  11 Sep 1792Op Zee, At Sea I382732
8 Bakker, Hendrik  22 Oct 1856Op Zee, At Sea I652815
9 Bakker, Remmert Wolters  1850Op Zee, At Sea I3888
10 Balsters, Garment Jans  Mar 1793Op Zee, At Sea I214616
11 Bekkering, Carl  Jan 1884Op Zee, At Sea I218952
12 Bekkering, Pieter  Between 17 Dec 1882 and 30 Jan 1883Op Zee, At Sea I218933
13 Bellinga, Evert  08 Mar 1941Op Zee, At Sea I725941
14 Bellinga, Roelf Sebes  16 Jan 1829Op Zee, At Sea I51051
15 Besseling, Luiken Jans  09 Oct 1834Op Zee, At Sea I211971
16 Bessette, Carolyn Jeanne  16 Jul 1999Op Zee, At Sea I673240
17 Bettenbroek, Jan Evert  28 Sep 1872Op Zee, At Sea I553620
18 Bieze, Frans Fransens  25 Mar 1862Op Zee, At Sea I204937
19 Blaauw, Heino Gerardus  08 Jul 1868Op Zee, At Sea I255543
20 Boekhold, Jan  17 Mar 1867Op Zee, At Sea I12270
21 Boekweg, Gerrit Harms  Yes, date unknownOp Zee, At Sea I55343
22 de Boer, Harm Jurjens  Est 1870Op Zee, At Sea I242911
23 de Boer, Hindrik Jans  24 Feb 1874Op Zee, At Sea I211104
24 de Boer, Jan  24 Oct 1868Op Zee, At Sea I381129
25 de Boer, Jan Reint  8 Oct 1879Op Zee, At Sea I361017
26 de Boer, Kornelis Harms  Jun 1860Op Zee, At Sea I769345
27 de Boer, Pieter Hindriks  29 Nov 1862Op Zee, At Sea I250454
28 Boerhave, Frederik  Abt 03 Oct 1873Op Zee, At Sea I608972
29 Bok, Reint  11 Jan 1870Op Zee, At Sea I559277
30 Bol, Egbert Berents  Nov 1821Op Zee, At Sea I303884
31 Bol, Jantje Harms  Yes, date unknownOp Zee, At Sea I303868
32 Bolhuis, Hendrik  14 Apr 1912Op Zee, At Sea I627669
33 Bontdrager, Frerick Jacobs  25 Oct 1772Op Zee, At Sea I48075
34 Boon, Albert  02 Jan 1862Op Zee, At Sea I233134
35 Bor, Hendrik Willem  30 Nov 1942Op Zee, At Sea I757429
36 Bos, Jan Jacobs  01 Nov 1803Op Zee, At Sea I751147
37 Bos, Jurjen Philippus  26 Aug 1851Op Zee, At Sea I263085
38 Bos, Marchien  22 Apr 1865Op Zee, At Sea I512838
39 Bot, Pieter  29 Oct 1874Op Zee, At Sea I757841
40 Bouwman, Jan  08 Feb 1875Op Zee, At Sea I598780
41 Braam, Harm  15 Mar 1874Op Zee, At Sea I324952
42 Breugelmans, Martinus Josephus  19 Jul 1900Op Zee, At Sea I293129
43 Broodwinner, Akke  10 Apr 1857Op Zee, At Sea I148320
44 Brouwer, Frans  31 Mar 1941Op Zee, At Sea I416325
45 Brouwer, Juidokus Juis  28 Dec 1836Op Zee, At Sea I215078
46 Brouwer, Luiken  12 Dec 1863Op Zee, At Sea I437907
47 Buining, Berend Nicolaas  22 Aug 1873Op Zee, At Sea I363121
48 van Bulderen, Joan Jacob  29 Jun 1851Op Zee, At Sea I480000
49 van Buren, John  31 Dec 1866Op Zee, At Sea I679645
50 Charcot, Jean-Baptiste  16 Sep 1936Op Zee, At Sea I686337

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aarva, Aule Helena MD  Op Zee, At Sea I118375
2 Lammerts, Berend Jans  Op Zee, At Sea I361424
3 Pijbes, Hinderika  09 Aug 1857Op Zee, At Sea I782475
4 Tunteler, Klaassien Harms  27 Jun 1863Op Zee, At Sea I346669


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Visser, Anne IJkes  Op Zee, At Sea I653486

Death registration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Death registration    Person ID 
1 Nieuwland, Gerke Jacobs  14 Oct 1846Op Zee, At Sea I654232


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Unknown    Person ID 
1 Doekes, Lubbert Jannes  15 Nov 1854Op Zee, At Sea I608835


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Remark    Person ID 
1 Dik, Jan Egberts  1822Op Zee, At Sea I216984


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Doorlag / Bonte  18 Jul 1899Op Zee, At Sea F125246

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